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Calendar of Events

We are excited to announce the start of our 2024 season! Check back offten as we update our events monthly.
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6th - 7th
Big Hat Days
Space #H-2
Corner of Pollasky Ave. & 5th St.
Clovis, CA

19th - 21st
Fresno State Vintage Days
Lot P31 by the Lynda and Stewart Resnick Student Union Center
Space #B1
C.S.U. Fresno<
Fresno, CA

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May 11th
Hawaiian May Day Festival
Along B St. & Main St.
Downtown, Hayward CA.

May 12th
Happy Mother's Day

18th - 19th
The California Strawberry Festival
Space 508C
At our NEW location, the Ventura County Fairgrounds
Ventura County Fairgrounds at 10 W Harbor Blvd in Ventura.

18th - 19th
Livermore Downtown Street Fest
Corner #17, on First & McLeod Street
Right in front of the Sauced BBQ & Spirits

Sunday 26th - Monday 27th
San Ramon Art & Wind Festival
San Ramon Central Park
San Ramon, CA.

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1st - 2nd
Patterson Apricot Festival
Space 14C, on South Del Puerto Ave.
Patterson, CA.

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13th - 14th
Los Altos Art & Wine Festival
Corner of Main & First St.
Space 400C
Downtown Los Altos, CA.

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3rd - 4th
Fremont Festival of the Arts
Two Separate booths along
Paseo Padre Pkwy., & Walnut Ave.,
Fremont, CA.

Aug 10th
Aloha Festival
San Mateo County Event Center
Saratoga Drive, San Mateo, CA.

Aug 31st - Sep. 1st
53rd Annual Millbrae Art & Wine Festival
Broadway Ave.,
Millbrae, CA.

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7th - 8th
52nd Annual Moutain View Art & Wine Festival
Along Castro St.
Moutain View, CA.

14th - 15th
Santa Clara Art & Wine Festival
Space # 061
Along the Lake in Central Park
Santa Clara, CA.

28th - 29th
35th Annual Pacific Coast Fog Fest
Space # 318
Along Palmetto Ave.
Pacifica, CA.

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12th - 13th
San Carlos Art & Wine Festival
Space #1350C Corner of Elm St. & San Carlos Ave.
San Carlos, CA.

19th - 20th
HMB Pumpkin Festival,
Booth 165c,
corner of Correas St & Main St.
Half Moon Bay, CA.

19th - 20th
Campbell Oktoberfest
Downtown Campbell, CA.

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