About Us  

Lisa Moreno, founder of Once Upon A Toe, has been wearing Toe Rings for over 20 years. While in the Bay Area, her feet received quite a bit of attention, and it was not uncommon to have strangers stop her to inquire about her sparkly jeweled toes! Because there was no one providing custom-fit Toe Rings in Northern California, she created Once Upon A Toe. Having worn Toe Rings for so long provides her with intimate knowledge of her product & the personal experience to know how to size the rings for complete comfort.

In addition to having the business sense to create a successful venture, Lisa finds fulfillment daily while catering to the terrific women she meets:

"This business has provided me with the unique opportunity to spend a great deal of time with thousands of women. As a result, I know that females are the nurturers...endlessly giving to their family, friends, & careers, often to the neglect of themselves. So for me, it's really enjoyable to be able to nurture women in this way. It's a feminine little treat just for them! It still amazes me how much joy a Toe Ring can bring to her heart. It really is the little things in life."

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